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If you have not already received a copy of the book (which would have happened because we already met in person), your book will be mailed and you can expect to receive it in the next 5 to 7 business days.

Now, let's get started with your audio trainings and the song, "Everyone's The One"

  • Living the Way of The One - The core principles of The One Philosophy to support you in consistently being The One for others
  • Leading Your Life as The One - How to apply The One Philosophy to leadership and support you in building others as you expand your vision
  • Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide - How to increase self-confidence and trust the knowledge that lies within you
  • Feel the M.A.G.I.C! - Living the Way of The One starts with YOU. In this audio you'll learn powerful practices that keep you aligned and in tune with what matters most

Are you ready to take The One Philosophy to the next level?

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Donna Tornillo

Take Charge! Coach & Mentor, Speaker and TarotAstrologist

Donna is known as the Take Charge! Coach and Mentor for her work in guiding women to transition into the next chapter of their lives and to live with passion, power, and purpose. In her work, she uses Tarot and Astrology, which is why her company is named Taroastrologist LLC (

She found her new purpose later in life. Believing in “it’s never too late” to start over, she began life again as the Take Charge! Coach and Mentor serving others in her business to do just that, take charge. Donna applies her years of experience in life as a teacher, intuitive, TarotAstrologist and more to help others reach their highest potential. With the death of her husband, retired from teaching and her son grown, she realized that it’s difficult to navigate life without support. Donna was guided to add Divine Accountability as another tool on her toolbelt to aid her clients in successful outcomes and empowerment with personal support and guidance. Along with her business, she is also President of The Enlightened Link which sponsors the annual event, Connect Tallahassee, teaches Zumba, is a ballroom dancer and scuba diver.

Contact Info:

Phone: 850.445.9224