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  • Living the Way of The One - The core principles of The One Philosophy to support you in consistently being The One for others
  • Leading Your Life as The One - How to apply The One Philosophy to leadership and support you in building others as you expand your vision
  • Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide - How to increase self-confidence and trust the knowledge that lies within you
  • Feel the M.A.G.I.C! - Living the Way of The One starts with YOU. In this audio you'll learn powerful practices that keep you aligned and in tune with what matters most

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Lisa Soloway

Living with Intention, Purpose and Passion

In 1987, I had a dream to adopt a child.  But this dream would rest in my heart for more than 10 years.  We had our second and third sons during this time, which is such a blessing!  However, I still had this dream to fulfill, and with my husband’s consent, we began our journey to adopting our fourth child – our daughter – at the age of 8 from foster care.  I wanted to adopt again, but my children really needed me.  Now, as an empty nester, my mission is to equip teens who age out of foster care to live an independent and abundant life!

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My entrepreneurial life began just before my second pregnancy when I entered into a partnership with my best friend that focused on early childhood development and work/family balance. We developed and operated three early childhood development centers with an average 100 infants, toddlers, pre-school and school-age children. It was a great chapter in my life as I was able to remain close to my boys until they started primary school.  To be more available for them during their school years – and tapping into my awareness and desire to improve my health and well-being –  I ventured into fitness in 2001 as a result of my awareness and desire to improve my health and well-being. I have learned that my personal evolution enables me to help others achieve financial freedom and discover how to live on their own terms in their own time.

During my previous careers, I enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm for early childhood development and then health and wellness with individuals, chambers of commerce and other organizations.  Now my experience as an entrepreneur means combining my health and wellness expertise with business development to help others develop residual income through home-based business growth.  When I moved to my new home in 2016, I started a “Successful Balanced Living” community in Melbourne, Florida – various programs provide a path to create ultimate well-being while balancing all aspects of life.  I am committed to impacting people’s lives by helping them realize their potential and achieve abundance.

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