Become A Certified Change Agent with The One Philosophy

As a Certified Trainer and Speaker for The One Philosophy you will:

Nancy Matthews, Author of The One Philosophy

  • Deepen your personal practice and self-actualization
  • Expand your prosperity by living in the flow
  • Build your capacity to receive
  • Inspire others to live the way of The One
  • Have an engaging, solid presentation with appeal to a wide range of audiences
  • Add to the Sum Total of Human Happiness!

Next Certification Begins:
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 7 pm (eastern)

6 Group Trainings: 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7 pm (eastern)
February 12th, March 12th, April 9th, May 14th, June 11th and July 9th

This is a six month training program with Nancy Matthews, the author of The One Philosophy and consists of the following:

  • 1

    Two One-on-One Sessions with Nancy Matthews

    Guidance and direction on incorporating The One Philosophy and presentations and trainings into YOUR business model. We will review your current business and maximize speaking on The One to bring more awareness to you and your products and services. Additionally ... whatever you need support in ... Nancy's here to help!

  • 2

    Six Monthly Group Training Sessions

    (1 Per Month) Small group training program to guide and support in living the way of The One. Activities will include: observing your behaviors and interactions, developing your stories to share about The One Philosophy. Note: the personal and business transformation that existing trainers have experienced is absolutely astounding! (And they, like you, were pretty awesome to begin with!)

  • 3

    Preparation and Practice on Presenting The One Philosophy

    During the group training calls and one-on-one coaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to practice and prepare for your presentations.

  • 4

    100 Books

    The program package includes 100 of The One Philosophy books. The suggested retail price is $10 each / 3 for $25 / 10 for $60. You may purchase additional copies of the book for $4 each (plus shipping and handling)

  • 5

    Reseller Rights to the 4 Core Audios - You Keep 100%

    You will be given the rights to resell the 4 core audios about The One Philosophy and retain 100% of the proceeds.

  • 6

    Marketing & Sales Page Created for You

    A dedicated page will be created for you on website, that includes a sales page to market the core $95 Leadership & Legacy Package which includes: The One Philosophy Book, 4 Core Audios & the song, "Everyone's The One"

  • 7

    Certification to Lead Book Studies & Group Discussions

    You will be provided with a book study and group discussion Leader Manual that goes deeper into the principles of living The One Philosophy

  • 8

    Complimentary Admission to The One Experience

    Nancy offers The One Experience twice per year. You are invited to attend the event at no charge. (Note: If lunch is offered, there may be a small fee for the meal.)

  • 9

    FREE Access for Personal Use for all NEW Teachings on The One

    Of course ... there will be more coming!
    As a certified trainer, you will get FREE access for personal use to additional content created by Nancy Matthews. NOTE - You will be entitled to resell additional content, programs and programs on an affiliate commission basis of 50/50

Certification & Training Program

One-Time Investment ... $5,000

Special Pricing ... $3495

Easy Payment Plans Available

It's more important that the RIGHT ONE'S are sharing the message and we trust in the flow of prosperity when we GIVE first.

Interview & Application Required

to schedule your interview